VMS Library

Status : Construction Drawings
Responsibility : Interior Design
In the guiding light of Professor Vimolsiddhi Horayangkura’s wisdom, advocating for change with the rhythm of time, a golden opportunity emerges. It invites us to craft something that resonates with modern society, a creation that embraces novelty without forcing the past into an unfamiliar context, only bending tradition when necessary.

Faced with the task of designing the library for Thammasat University’s Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, we recognize the diverse needs of students from various fields. Our goal is clear: to fashion a library that goes beyond being a mere repository of knowledge.

Drawing inspiration from the idea of “Cut your feet to match your shoes,” we navigate the challenge with grace. Our design envisions a learning sanctuary, a Creative Learning space with three layers of form – spaces, walls, and architectural details. Each layer intertwines to cater to the intricate demands of different learning styles.

Our sincere wish is for the library to transcend its conventional role. It should not only house books but also instill a love for learning in everyone who steps through its doors. Just as Professor Vimolsiddhi Horayangkura emphasized, an architect is a creator who turns abstract ideas into tangible realities, fostering innovation through integration.

In this endeavor, we aim to build more than a structure. We want to create an environment that breathes life into learning, nurturing the minds of students and inspiring future innovators. May this design not just be bricks and mortar but a living testament to the enduring human spirit’s pursuit of knowledge and creativity.